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Why should your company do Inbound Marketing?

June 14, 2018

In the 21st century, consumers have been changing the way they seek to be informed to purchase products and/or services. Some of the content that most attracts these people are the messages at the right time in the timeline of a social network, mailings, recommendations of acquaintances or social networks, all these have a strong impact on consumers. Inbound for your company.
There is a methodology that does not correspond to the so-called traditional marketing, this appears because it is now consumed differently and therefore seeks to reach potential customers, in exchange for the traditional one that seeks to reach everyone regardless of whether or not they are the target audience, all this through repetition of messages, this methodology is known as Inbound Marketing.

Surely you wonder what are the differences between inbound marketing and traditional marketing, and why this first has been revolutionizing the strategies in the market. Here we share the 5 main differences:

Focus on the customer vs. focus on the product
Traditional marketing focuses largely on the product, what it is and its benefits for the customer, whereas inbound marketing focuses on people, their feelings and the development of the content of interest.

General public vs buyer person
In traditional marketing, when an advertisement is made for any means of communication, be it press, radio or television, the content is unlimited and reaches all viewers. On the other hand, Inbound Marketing works to define which public is the ideal client, better known as buyers, and according to their tastes or needs, what content, design, and message are going to be established.

Ads vs. quality content
In traditional marketing requires a budget because it requires a very high investment to reach all audiences regardless of who is treated through ads in traditional media such as radio, phone calls, and television and there are very few metrics to know if it really is working.

Unidirectional communication vs interactive communication
When a campaign is established in traditional media there are very few channels to have feedback with the client, however, in Inbound Marketing communication is interactive, digital and allows me to know the results of the campaigns by means of metrics.

Metrics vs. lack of information
If we put as an example, an accessories business for a market with an NSE AB, an Inbound strategy could be the creation of buyer people, with this develop a blog that is of interest on issues and frequent doubts.

A traditional marketing strategy would be used to broadcast advertisements on the radio or television, remembering and showing the benefits of the products and/or services.

In the strategy of Inbound, you can have how metrics visits to the blog, comments etc, however, the traditional requires surveys, focus group and is slower, plus there is no guarantee that the information obtained can be used to take new strategic decisions.

In many countries, Inbound Marketing is being widely accepted, and more and more companies are looking to specialize in this methodology since users are tired of receiving only advertising and spam. Therefore, it is necessary for your company to provide value to the user.

At Blue Rhino Media we can help you start this wonderful methodology, if you like to receive advice on Inbound marketing and how to apply it in your business make an appointment with us, leave your information on the form and an advisor will contact you within 24 hours. We would love to hear from you!

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