Digital Printing vs Offset Printing

Printing has always been a major important part of every business, Demands for flyers, postcards, business cards, has been a very significant factor coupled with the media craze in recent times leads to the increase in the level of printing demands. This article centers on the printing methods, the methods of interest here are Digital and Offset printing. Taking a deep look at the stark differences in, the series of actions required, cost, running time, quality.

Digital and offset are both useful printing methods. Each with a particular benefit but the choice depends on the requirement and volume of the project. The Larger volume of projects running into hundreds or thousands or using a specific variety of features such as color, custom paper, use of metallic ink or fluorescent, the offset printing method is allowed.

Offset printing (lithography) is the most common, commercial printing technology. Offset printing has been around for over a century and the functional is by the transferring of ink from plates to the printed surface. Going by historical records Offset printings has been recorded as providing superior images and products and with accurate replication. However, this is not necessarily the case anymore as, Digital printing has advanced considerably over the years, due to technological advancement.

Digital Printing, offers greater flexibility allows for the running of less volume in hundred compared to offset or used in a project which requires the individual information or individual addresses, also for needs to be included in, either of those choices and for a high level of quality of the printed product then digital printing is the solution.

The technological differences between offset printing and digital printing considering the process of transferring of images on paper, offset printing make use of etched metal plates that apply ink on a sheet of paper, On the other hand, Digital printing uses electrostatic rollers – called “drums” to apply toner to paper.

Looking at the Economic cost of running and setting up of both printing methods, the Offset printing is general and significantly more time consuming and relatively expensive. the metal plates – one plate per each color being used – need to be etched, consuming enough time until the plates linked properly, with no reuse opportunity of the etched plates, and eventually thrown away.

Digital printing, can easily print out sheets of paper or copy of booklet with relatively cheap cost and with minimal machinery set up, making use of single toner drum applied onto the sheet and then fussed-passed through a high heat unit to form images on the paper and with economic reuse of the materials, unlike he offset printing which makes use of different plate for each sheet printed.

Moreover, Digital printing offers incredible turn around with a benefit of variable data capabilities, when each piece of a project needs unique characteristic features such as Names, logos, the only way to go for is the Digital printing because Offset printing cannot be accommodated for this need.


Digital Printing is mainly for Shorter run, requires no use of plate, Economical, and Easy to set up

Offset printing offers Large volume project, Uses plate, Expensive, Time Consuming.

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